T h e   P u r p o s e

Happenstance  noun - a chance encounter resulting in something good.

Everyone has a camera in their pocket. Our lives are constantly recorded on social media. The photograph is with us constantly, recording every moment of our lives.


What can Happenstance add?


Our aim is to produce an enduring image that tells your story.  We want this image to become a good friend, be part of your family life and have meaning to everyone who sees it.  We will not flood you with hundreds of images. We want to get to know who you are and take an image that you can live with for a long time, and one that you will be remembered by.  We want this image to be truthful and relate to your surroundings and passions, not a studio backdrop.


We come to you, listen, and let happenstance take its course.

C a v e a t ;


Please be aware, happenstance, on request, are happy to engage with any photographic challenge. 

We would be delighted to listen to your ideas.

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