M y   S t o r y

Dad apprentice at 15 years.

It begins with a small snapshot found amongst my father’s photographs...


Middlesbrough 1951: John Alistair Willmore. That’s him on the right with blonde hair as a nervous 15 year old, standing next to his new foreman on the first day of his apprenticeship to become a decorator.  Throughout his life he became an extremely well-respected craftsman amongst his peers and clients alike, specialising in hanging bespoke papers and hand finishes such as graining and marbling. He was very attached to this photograph.

After his passing, I spent some time looking at this image and I thought about how many of us spend so much of our lives at work or play, following a passion or dream, without any physical record to remember it by? This is the inspiration for me to follow my passion and try to help you remember yours. 


So let’s talk about your passions, what you’re proud of and how do you want to be remembered?

Dad 82 years.
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